The Good Soldier Švejk

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Zu diesem Buch ist mir in der gesamten Literatur kein Gegenstück bekannt. Kurt Tucholsky.

House number 185, Lipnice nad Sázavou. Švejk and his creator at work. The house is now a museum dedicated to the writer.

Welcome to the first and only Scandinavian web-site dedicated to the immortal Good Soldier Švejk and his creator Jaroslav Hašek.

This page, titled 'Home', has still not been translated to English, whereas the pages indicated below in blue have. The other pages exist in Norwegian only (view by clicking the flag in the top right-hand corner).

  • HomeIntroduction to the web pages, the novel and Švejk (Norwegian only).
  • NewsNews and announcements related to the web pages.
  • AuthorShort on Jaroslav Hašek, his life and writing (Norwegian only).
  • PeopleList of the people mentioned in the novel. Nearly complete.
  • PlacesList of the places, buildings, firms and institutions mentioned in the novel. Nearly 200 entries to be added from August 2013 (mostly institutions - press, private and public).
  • InstitutionsPublic institutions, newspapers and magazines, hotels, restaurants, public houses.
  • MapGoogle Map with details of Švejk's itinerary.
  • TourismInformation for Švejk-interested tourists (Norwegian and Czech).
  • LinksA collection of links realted to Švejk and Hašek.
  • LiteratureLiterature referred to on this web-site.
  • Who's whoPeople who in one way or another have contributed to our knowledge on Švejk

For more information in English please see Švejk Central, a site featuring material about Švejk and Hašek. For readers of Czech the excellent Virtual museum of Jaroslav Hašek and Josef Švejk is by far the best source of information.

For tourists and Hašek-enthusiasts alike I can warmly recommend a visit to Lipnice nad Sázavou, the village where the bulk of Švejk was written and where the author is buried. There is no better place to stay than at the comfortable guesthouse Česká Koruna, today run by the authors descendants.

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