Jomar HønsiCurriculum Vitae

PositionSoftware Engineer, self-employed, Oslo
EducationBSc Hon. Computing Science, Newcastle University
Born21 October 1960, Vik i Sogn

I am an experienced, innovative, and versatile software engineer with a broad background in software engineering, covering the range from embedded systems and communication protocols to desktop and web applications. I have an excellent track record in software development and problem-solving.

Until 31 December 2024 I have an assignment with Highsoft AS.

Professional skills


C, C++, PHP, Qt, HTML5, JavaScript, XML, JSON. Texas Instruments' Wireless MCUs and RF transceivers (CC series). Wireless sensor applications, embedded systems, real-time systems, firmware, communication protocols, software design, functional/unit testing, debugging, test automation, device drivers.


Python, Perl, CSS3, Shell (Unix, Windows), Assembly, YAML, Highcharts. Bluetooth LE, IEEE 802.15.4, WiFi, IoT, MQTT. Computer architecture, Windows OS, VxWorks RTOS, Linux/Unix OS, TI-RTOS, TCP/IP, MSP430, Field Buses (ProfiBus), I2C, SPI, HID, USB. Git, JIRA, Apache, Jenkins, Continuous Integration/Testing/Delivery.

Marginal or past

TypeScript, React, Cypress, Karma, Java, Fortran, Pascal, Modula-2, Angular, Renesas, AVR and Holtek microcontrollers. Windows CE, Android OS, CGI, ISAPI, Bluetooth, Intel i960, ClearCase, Visual SourceSafe, Digital design, analogue electronics, PCB layout.


Newcastle University(1987 - 1990)

Course: Computing Science

Bachelor of Science with Honours Degree class: 2.1

Bergen Ingeniørhøyskole(1981 - 1983)

Course: Control Engineering

Average mark: 2.1 (78%)

Sogndal Gymnas(1978 - 1980)

Course: Natural Science

Main subjects: Mathematics, Physics Other subjects: Norwegian, English, German, PE, History Average mark: 4.5 (75%)

Employment history

Texas Instruments Norway (until 2006 Chipcon)

Software Engineer, Tools(2017 - 2023)

Software for configuring RF devices (SysConfig). Development and maintenance of tools for testing and evaluating RF devices (SmartRF Studio). Scripting for automatic conversion and generation of RF configuration data. RF device firmware (Arm).

Skills: C++, C, JavaScript, Qt, Python, XML, JSON, YAML, PHP, Wireless systems.

Products: TI: CC1352, CC2652, CC1354 ...

Tools: VS Code, Microsoft Visual Studio, Jenkins/CI, JIRA, Git, IAR, CCS

Sr. Software Engineer, Systems(2012 - 2017)

Software architect and developer for the SensorTag demo kit, based on Bluetooth LE and WiFi. Production test software for Low Power RF development kits. Windows applications based on Qt (BLE Device Monitor). Application development for Android.

Skills: Bluetooth LE, WiFi, Wireless sensors, Qt, C++, C, Java. TI RTOS, Android.

Products: TI: CC2541, CC2540, CC1350, CC2650, CC3200.

Tools: IAR, CCS, Eclipse, Microsoft Visual Studio

Software Engineer, Tools(2008 - 2012)

Developing tools for testing and evaluating RF devices. Role in design and implementation of SmartRF Studio. Packet sniffer extension for BLE. Test software and production test tool for CC8520 (audio). Scripting interface for access to RF devices. Scripts for aligning IDE projects from IAR and Renesas.

Skills: Wireless protocols, C++, PHP, Qt, XML, Perl, HTML.

Products: TI: CC2420, CC2430, CC1110, CC1510, CC2530, CC8520, MSP430

Tools: IAR, Microsoft Visual Studio

Field Application Engineer(2004 - 2008)

Customer support with focus on RF technology, IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee and proprietary RF protocols. Use of microcontrollers from Holtek, Renesas, Atmel and Texas Instruments. Crucial role in wireless keyboard/mouse reference design (RadioDesk). Porting IEEE 802.15.4 MAC from AVR to Renesas for use in remote controls by Philips. On-site support for Philips, Honeywell and others. Verification software for CC2520. Various demo tools.

Skills: Qt, C++, C, PHP, IEEE 802.15.4, ZigBee, HID (keyboard/mouse), USB

Products: TI: MSP430, CC2420, CC2430, CC2520, CC2530, CC1110, CC2510. Renesas and AVR MCUs

Tools: IAR, Microsoft Visual Studio, Renesas IDE

Kitron Development (until 2003 Alcatel Norkrets)

Simrad Optronics(2003 - 2004)

Software for LP10TL target locator. Low-level software for Windows CE and raw PXA255 (ARM). Protocol design and implementation. Design and implementation of Service Application for LP10TL. The application was implemented using MFC.


Positioning system for horse races using GPS and GSM. System integration and configuration. Extensive use of Perl and third party GIS software. Configuration of GSM modems and GPS receivers.

Kitron Development(2003)

Computer and Network Administration in connection with Kitron taking over Norkrets. Took part in planning the move and the installation at the new site. System administration for Windows, Solaris and Linux. Upgrading local Web pages. Skills acquired: Linux, NT Server.

Thales Group(2001 - 2002)

Test application for ASIC (cryptography ) test-bed. Implemented in Perl/Tk for Windows and Linux. Communication with test-bed via RS232. Scripting language for flexible test scenarios. Windows NT host platform.

Alcatel Bell Nv(2001 - 2002)

Implementation and verification of offline test software for VDSL line termination board. Involved testing of interfaces between Intel 960 CPU, custom ASICs, memory and peripheral components. Extensive use of In-Circuit Emulator for verification and fault-finding. ClearCase configuration control. MRI tool chain and In-Circuit-Emulator. Unix(Solaris) host platform.

Medit AS(2001)

Design and implementation of software for wireless Networked Medical Instrument. Boot code and driver software for ARM7 processor. Porting Bluetooth protocol stack from Windows to embedded ARM platform. Board configuration and start-up using JTAG emulator and MULTI-2000 development environment. Windows NT host platform.

Kongsberg Maritime

Software Developer(1998 - 2001)

Development of low-level software for the company’s AIM-2000 Distributed Control System. Porting of PROFIBUS DP protocol stack to Siemens S165 micro-controller using Tasking development environment. Design, implementation and test of complex PROFIBUS DP driver software for VxWorks and Windows NT. The work was carried out using Visual C++, Tornado and various debugging and analysis tools for PROFIBUS. Further, I was involved in evaluation of PROFIBUS configuration and analysis tools and the adaptation of those for AIM-2000. This included some TCP/IP socket programming. Windows NT host platform.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

Senior Software Developer(1997 - 1998)

Development of software for real-time reception and distribution of missile flight data (Naval Strike Missile project). Target: Windows NT and Windows 95. development using Borland C++. Involved porting from DOS to Windows, Windows GUI and system programming, TCP/IP, drivers for Eidel ISA-bus cards (telemetry reception). Windows NT host platform.

Liverpool University

Senior Experimental Officer(1990 - 1997)

Employed in the Nuclear Structure Group, Department of Physics. Software specialist in the field of instrumentation and control. Development of control and data acquisition software for gamma-ray spectrometers: Eurogam, Tardis, Euroball and Pex. Carried out in collaboration with colleagues in the UK, Finland, France, Italy, Denmark and Switzerland. Programming of Motorola VME/68K based controllers on VxWorks RTOS. GUI using Tcl/Tk for SUN Solaris platforms. Solaris system administration. Printer maintenance/accounting software.

Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk

Test Development Engineer(1983 - 1987)

Development of automatic tests for sub-systems of the Penguin missile. Support for test personnel. ND-10/Sintran and Force/Unix V system administration. Programming in Pascal for ND mainframe, in C and assembly for 16 and 8-bit Motorola microprocessors. Digital design for IBM PC (ISA-bus). Porting of ROM monitor and control software for DATA/IO PROM programmer.


I enjoy a wide range of interests, including travel, languages, software, football, history, geography, rock music, beer, and literature. I have travelled extensively in Europe, Latin America and Russia, and often on my own.

Since 2010 I have been an active amateur historian/researcher, specializing in the life and writing of the Czech author Jaroslav Hašek, with a focus on his famous satirical anti-war novel "The Good Soldier Švejk". In 2015 I became president of the "World Society of Jaroslav Hašek". I am now regarded as one of the world's leading authorities on the subject, having been an invited speaker at several conferences, including Columbia University (New York) and Uniwersytet Jagielloński (Kraków).

In my spare time, I manage a personal website, focusing on football and the above-mentioned Hašek, maintaining both the backend and frontend, using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, Fetch API, and XML/JSON as building blocks.


Sean Michael LyonsSoftware Engineering Group Manager at Texas InstrumentsLinkedIN

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0377 Oslo

Jarle BøeCTO and Co-founder Playfinity ASLinkedIN

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Magnus WinesProduct Manager at Novelda ASLinkedIN

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Jan-Bjørnar LundCEO at Novelda ASLinkedIN

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